Billing for Cash Based Customers

Initial Evaluation:

  • $200 for 2 hour evaluation and full treatment session 
  • $125 for 1 hour initial evaluation 

Follow-up visits:  $100 for 1 hour session                                                                         $180 for 2 hour session (not available with                                           Medicare)

All fees are collected at time of service. There are no co-pays or unexpected bills that will arrive later.



Therapy for Living LLC is a participating Medicare Provider. We will bill Medicare directly for their portion of outpatient P.T. services, but will collect the 20% Medicare Part B co-pay at the time of service. Information will be provided for patients to seek reimbursement for their co-pay from any secondary insurance provider.

Prior to their initial evaluation, all patients planning to bill Medicare will need a physician's order and a physician who will be willing to sign off on the plan of care .

Medicare Pricing is set by Medicare but the co-pay for an Initial evaluation will be $15.69-$22.30, and co-pays for follow up visits will range from $23.51-$26.44.

All other Insurances

Therapy for Living LLC is out of network for all other insurance providers. Patient planning to submit billing to their insurance company for reimbursement will be treated as cash paying patients but will also be given all necessary paperwork to submit.  You are encouraged to call and speak to your insurance provider(s) to verify what you can expect for reimbursement and any necessary paperwork they will require. Most insurances will also want a patient to have orders from a physician prior to treatment as well.